OHHii there!

OHHii my name is Sophie I’m an illustrator, mum and founder of OHHii. 

The idea of writing a blog is completely new to me and way outside of my comfort zone, but it is important for what I want to achieve with OHHii, so you’ll have to bare with my whilst I get into the flow of this!

OHHii is set up to be more than just my scribbles and drawings, it’s about sparking creativity with our little ones and getting their little imaginations involved creatively.

At the point of writing this I have a soon to be 2 year old Walter and I am nearing the end of my second pregnancy with my second son. Wow! Great timing to set up a new venture and website right? I know it’s a lot, but we’re also in the grips of the covid-19 pandemic, I’m currently furloughed like many of us and I’m about to embark on my maternity leave...so I’m at home, I’m without childcare and like many of us I’m trying desperately to keep my child entertained and stimulated every day.

I’ve always drawn, I trained to be an illustrator and graphic designer way before I embarked on a corporate career, and as Walter got to an age where he too wanted to draw and his little imagination grew I found myself drawing for him. Watching his little face light up when I drew him a Triceratops or my face light up when he identified a shape I drew as a ‘kite’ or ‘spaceship’ the idea of OHHii was born. 

I drew a doodle of him and I printed a black and white version for him to colour in, and the crossover between my illustrations and his little scribbles was so lovely!

So I decided that with every personalised portrait or name print I would offer a ‘colour me’ poster, not only to help keep them busy during lockdown but also for their input to be applied to their own illustrations, and how cute will that be once framed and up on the walls in their room?...but I want to talk more about colour me posters in another post. 

  I have so many ideas for my little brand, from prints to clothing, homeware to colouring books so I have a lot to get through during nap times and raising two little ones, but for now thanks so much for the support, I’ve been completely overwhelmed with the response since launching only 1 month ago! I can’t wait to get to know some of you more and build a little community of tiny creatives.

Sophie x 

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